6 Proven Benefits Of Olive Juice

There are many people who wonder about olive juice and its potential impact on health. Olive juice is often mistakenly called olive oil but olive juice is the brine liquid base that is found in jars of olives. A similar briny substance is what you find in jars of artichokes and pickles as well. Whereas pickle juice tends to have a few more benefits due to the nature of the pickling process, olive juice does have some potential benefits that people enjoy.

The rich and salty taste makes it a natural choice to use as a cooking oil, much like you would use olive oil. It is also good when drizzled over certain acidic salads or meat/fish dishes. Most commonly, you will find olive juice as an ingredient in cocktails, most famously in a dirty martini.

Most people simply throw away this sour juice, but olive juice is worth storing, if you remember to use it in moderation.

Olive Juice Benefits

There are a few benefits of olive juice that you should be aware of that include maintaining water balance in the body, improving nerve function, protecting the immune system, preventing chronic disease and boosting muscle control.


Maintains Water Balance

Although sodium is often considered a bad thing but is an essential mineral in the body and functions as an electrolyte, along with potassium and other critical minerals. If you take in the right amount of sodium, which olive juice has plenty of, then you are actually improving your health. Therefore, drinking olive juice in moderation adds sodium to your diet in required amount.

Improves Nerve Function

The presence of sodium is also critical for nerve function as it helps transmit nerve impulses in the body, so adequate amounts are important and can be gained by drinking small amounts of this juice.This is particularly good for people who are on low-sodium diets, as their nervous system may not be functioning properly.

Increases Muscle Control

For any muscle to move in the body, sodium is needed along with other electrolytes and minerals. This means that getting a healthy supply of sodium from olive juice (in moderation) is a good thing for our health.

Boosts Immunity

The other components of olive juice, aside from sodium, are vinegar and water. Vinegar has been shown to have anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties in certain settings, which means that it can provide a healthy boost to the immune system and help you fend off infections.

Relieves Oxidative Stress

The antioxidant component in olive juice, vinegar, has had a significant amount of research done on its potential use in fighting cancer. This can also help to lower levels of inflammation in the body and lower your risk of chronic disease.

Reduces Blood Sugar

Some research has shown that vinegar has a blood sugar-suppressing effect on the body following a meal. So, a small shot of this juice before a meal can help prevent large spikes and drop in blood sugar after eating, which is good news for people with diabetes, or those at high risk of developing that disease.